3D Printed Orthotics for Children wins top prize at IBMSmartCamp

Andiamo, who help disabled children improve their posture and mobility by 3D printing orthotic implants for shoes, have won the top award at IBMSmartCamp.

The Andiamo team, led by Naveed Parvez, Samiya Parvez and Lee Provoost, made it known that their aim is to become “the top paediatric orthotics company in the UK within five years.”

The team explained that their unique service uses 3D scanning and printing technology to create orthotic shoe implants that can help disabled children increase their mobility. Currently, orthotics take around 13 weeks to create. Andiamo’s solution can be ready within 48 hours, which is a drastic improvement.

There were several prizes awarded at the IBMSmartCamp final. Fashion startup SalesGossip took the ‘People’s Choice’ prize whilst fintech startup Antuar won Level39’s special award.


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