#3Dfintech Finalists Announced: Heckyl & Pontchartrain to follow in Kusiri’s footsteps

Level39 members Heckyl and Pontchartrain have been selected to participate in Dassault Systemes’ 3DFintech Challenge, which will focus on buy-side innovation.

Kusiri, now a member of Level39’s High Growth Space on 42nd floor, took the top prize at last year’s 3DFintech Challenge, a feat that Heckyl and Pontchartrain will hope to emulate. The competition will run for seven weeks and is hosted at Level39.

Dassault Systemes have selected six companies to compete in this year’s challenge, which will focus on innovation for the buy side of the financial services industry.  All six finalists are listed below:

Closir: A London and New York-based investor relations platform for customers to discover, connect and engage with each other.

DATANEXT: A B2B platform that enables asset manages to analyse information in the cloud.

Heckyl: Real time news and data analytics platform for analysts and brokers. Heckyl’s systems scours the internet to collect vast amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Pension Mandate: This platform discovers real time information about institutional investor activity across Europe, America and Asia.

Pontchartrain: The team behind Proteus, a risk management platform.

PrairieSmart: PrairieSmart calculate and explain financial risk and the industry and portfolio levels across assets.

The half-dozen companies were chosen by a panel of senior executives, and will receive mentoring from experts in the asset management industries in addition to masterclasses on UX, UI and intellectual property.

Level39’s Eric Van der Kleij commented, “Smart fund managers and investment professionals now realise that using technological innovation to conquer the sector’s many challenges could result in both optimised trading performance and cost-saving benefits.

“These challenges include the increased demand forbenchmark data customisation, the call for more intelligent risk management and increased operational efficiency. The 3DFintech Challenge will help drive the buy side forward, by facilitating the much needed dialogue between tech innovators and experienced financial institutions.”


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