AdviceRobo kicks off Seedrs campaign – targets the UK market

Level39 member and European FinTech Award Winner, AdviceRobo, has just launched its Seedrs campaign to counter the risks for lending financial institutions. 

AdviceRobo combines the worlds of artificial intelligence scoring and robo-advisory to create a solution for the next-generation of financial institutions.

The Dutch firm, with its London office at Level39, uses data and machine learning to support lending for millennials and SMEs. The tech is white-label and backed by specialists in finance, AI, behavioural science and software development.

The Seedrs funds will be used to grow the firm’s UK presence – find out more and take part in the campaign here. 

The data explosion and the use of new technologies such as Machine Learning can help to predict risk at an individual customer level.’ says Diederick van Thiel, CEO of AdviceRobo,. ‘This will enable banks to contact the customers in time, support them to stay financially ‘fit’ and delivers a superior customer experience when the bank is actively engaged with its customers in turbulent times.


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