AMP Credit Technologies launches in the UK

Long-term Level39 members Advanced Merchant Payments Ltd. have launched AMP Credit Technologies in the United Kingdom. Their goal is to bring alternative small business lending technology ‘into the mainstream’.

Advanced Merchant Payments Ltd are a leading provider of advanced technology for small business lending, and have officially announced their market expansion into the United Kingdom as AMP Credit Technologies (AMP).

AMP’s solution provides banks and business service providers an efficient outsourced platform by which to issue equitable and transparent loans to their small business customers.

Before officially announcing the UK launch, AMP has already been operating in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. The company joined Level39 in August 2013, and graduated to a larger office on our High Growth Space: 42 in April 2014.

CEO of AMP Credit Technologies, Thomas DeLuca, who is pictured above at Innovate Finance’s Global Summit, was understandably very pleased with the launch:

“At AMP, we believe that the best way to address the small business credit gap is actually to empower banks and business service providers, which have the advantages of lower cost of capital, regulatory protections, extensive distribution and trusted customer relationships, to employ our alternative lending technologies for the benefit of their small business customers in a manner that is simple, clear and fully transparent to the borrowers.

“We differentiate from other providers by promoting equitable, transparent and trusted small business lending through banks and business service providers using a systemic approach, rather than seeking to disintermediate them”


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