Applications Extended: Apply to Dassault Systéme’s ‘3D Fintech Challenge before time runs out…

Remember, remember, the first of September. That’s when applications for Dassault Systéme’s ‘3D Fintech Challenge’ slam shut. Get on over here before the month is out:

Just so you know what to expect, here’s a Q&A about the whole shooting match. Thanks to Sid from Pivotal Innovations for the info. I may have Level39ed it a bit.



So: what is the 3D Fintech Challenge?

The 3D FinTech Challenge 2013 is a competition that will be hosted at Level39 for startups to compete to develop innovative solutions to support data visualisation in financial services. Sponsored by Dassault Systèmes, Europe’s second-largest software firm and voted one of Europe’s most innovative firms, the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013 will bring startups to Level39, Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance, retail and future cities technology firms, for a period of 6 weeks in second half of 2013. During the programme, participating firms will be offered coaching, mentoring and technical support by senior executives from the financial services community and from senior commercial and technical executives from within Dassault Systèmes.

Does the winner go to Vegas?

At the end of the programme, solutions will be evaluated and the winner offered a cash prize of £15,000 along with the opportunity to attend Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Customer Forum in Las Vegas in November 2013, where they will be able to showcase their technology or product to an audience of over 200 major global corporations, with other prizes and incentives for other.


No, really. The winner does go to Vegas.

What sort of funding will be provided to the participating startups?

No funding, whether equity or debt, will be provided as part of this challenge. This is purely a competition-based programme, during which participating startups will be provided desks in Level39, with all of its associated benefits, including the ability to interact and network with a community of entrepreneurs, investors and mentors. At the end of the programme, a single winning team will be awarded a cash prize of £15,000. Any you get to go to Vegas.

What sort of firms are eligible to apply to the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013?

Let me talk in bullet points for this one. And yes, I can do that.

  • The programme is focused on data visualisation within financial services, with the purpose for aiding better decision making.
  • Startups with a defined product that is currently in market that may be easily adapted, or have suitable interfaces developed, to enable data visualisation
    Developers and development teams that may not yet have a viable product in market but who will be able to develop a viable prototype over the programme.

Do I have to submit a business plan?

No. No. Seriously. No. Life is too short. Please just submit a description of your proposed solution, and how it would address the themes articulated the description of the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013. If you have not got an existing product in market already, we ask you to include a brief explanation of why you believe you can develop a viable prototype during the course of the programme, with any examples of previous work. Remember, the more (relevant!) information we have from you, the easier it is for us to make.

Why are Dassault Systémes sponsoring a startup challenge – don’t they design planes?

Dassault Systèmes have a long history of working with the financial services sector, via their historical relationship with IBM. They have now made the strategic decision to engage more directly with the industry, and bring excellent credentials in innovation within highly regulated industries, whilst not being burdened with legacy systems or other challenges of age. By sponsoring the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013, Dassault Systèmes aims to understand the needs of the market and establish their own credentials and presence within the UK and the financial services

What are the benefits of participating?

Thank you for asking! Being selected to participate in the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013 is an excellent way to showcase your firm’s product and your team’s ability to tailor solutions to tackle specific challenges facing the financial services industry. Selected teams will benefit immensely from feedback, guidance and mentoring from our champions, who all bring significant experience within banking and insurance, alongside the potential for technical support and guidance from Dassault Systèmes. In addition, by being based in Level39 for the duration of the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013, you will gain immensely from the networking opportunities offered by being situated within a rich ecosystem of fellow entrepreneurs, developers, investors and In addition. Even teams not qualifying for the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013 can be guaranteed that their products and solutions will be evaluated by a team of experts from within the financial services sector, many of whom may be potential clients. Applying to take part in the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013 is a great way to showcase your product and raise its visibility in the FinTech community. And there’s cookies here. Every day. Nom.

The programme’s being hosted at Level39 place, right? It’s so cool. It’s the best place ever. I want to get married there. Is there any connection between this programme and other FinTech programmes at Level39?

In short, no. Level39, as a thriving hub of innovation that focuses on financial, retail and future cities technologies hosts a wide variety of events, hackathons, conferences and programmes like the 3D FinTech Challenge 2013. Given the extensive breadth of content at Level39, different events and programmes may have different themes or focus areas. The 3D FinTech Challenge 2013, for example, focuses on data and customer solutions, while other programmes may choose to adopt a different focus, industry sub-sector or product category. Each acceleration programme at Level39 is independent, which means that applying to one particular programme will not affect or prejudice your ability to apply to participate in any other programme at Level39. Also, I’m afraid there are no provisions for matrimony… as yet.


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