Applied Blockchain launches FERN protocol to increase private blockchain security

Join Applied Blockchain for their protocol launch here

One of the biggest issues about creating private blockchains is the security issues they face as they scale up. Replicating the blockchain’s ledger across multiple nodes introduces performance and security issues which still haven’t been resolved.

Level39 member Applied Blockchain today announces the FERN Protocol – specifically designed to solve scalability issues for growing private blockchain networks. Participants of a private blockchain can now mutually contribute to the security and integrity of the network.

“There are many marketing claims, but we have yet to see a proven, secure, trustless, scalable public blockchain solution,” says Applied Blockchain CEO Adi Ben-Ari. “Private blockchains can scale, but they’re not trustless, so we’ve developed a protocol to increase trust and security in those networks.”

The FERN Protocol is an addition to existing blockchain applications – making implementation as easy as deploying a set of smart contracts alongside an existing blockchain application.

Join Applied Blockchain for their protocol launch here




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