BABB launches in App Store, Play Store, expands to 169 countries, opens a referral programme and incorporates cash-out fiat gateway.

Despite the recent challenges brought about by the current global pandemic, today brings positive news that Level39 member, BABB:

  • Can now be accessed in 169 countries
  • Has launched in App Store and Play Store
  • Opened an in-app referral programme (Android)
  • Incorporated a cash-out fiat gateway (GBP/EUR) in 36 regions

Working remotely as a ‘quaranteam’, BABB has continued taking significant steps forward in the development of its platform while operating under lockdown conditions.

What does this mean?

When people are connected to the financial ecosystem, have ownership and control over their money and data, their contribution to local and global economies can change the world into a better place. BABB is using technology to make this change happen now.

Anyone with a smartphone can use the BABB Platform from almost everywhere in the world to buy, convert and send cryptocurrency. In the not-too-distant future, BABB hopes to be able to provide similar services from a fiat currency wallet, too. More importantly, BABB commits to offering borderless payments to its customers.

For the currencies we support, we allow users to move their assets seamlessly across borders at a significantly lower cost — often much faster than many existing well-known solutions available before today. The word remittance probably needs to be banished since it just refers to the transfer of funds from one currency to another, officially crossing borders. With BABB, users can send assets to any-and-all countries that we support frictionlessly, and in both directions.

You can read more about BABB and they way it works here –

About BABB

BABB is on a mission to lower barriers to financial inclusion and help to make the benefits of blockchain/cryptocurrency available to everyone — it believes that financial services should be affordable, efficient, fair, transparent and globally accessible.

Rushd Averroës reaffirms “I’ve made it my life’s work to put an end to financial exclusion by connecting people globally. By opening to 169 countries and being available on even the most basic smartphone models, we are making a statement of intent.”


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