BABB’s New CPO, Bringing His Expertise to Deliver the Ultimate Hybrid Money Accounts Experience to the Globe

BABB, a revolutionary financial platform, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bulat Kaliev. as the Chief Product Officer beginning in October 2022. With over 11 years of progressive experience in the business, Bulat brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to the team.

Bulat, as CPO, oversees the developing and implementation of BABB’s product strategy. He works closely with the rest of the executive team to ensure that the platform provides the best experience possible to users all over the world. Bulat’s extensive industry experience will aid in the innovation and development of BABB’s products and services, bringing them up to the highest quality standards.

“We are delighted to have Bulat join our team as CPO,” said R. Averroes, CEO of BABB. “His knowledge and experience will be extremely valuable as we continue to develop and expand our platform. We are confident that his leadership will assist us in providing an exceptional experience to our users.” BABB believes that with Bulat on board, the company will continue onto a new era of success. The company is excited to see how Bulat will impact the platform and the financial industry in general.

BABB’s objective is to build a decentralised financial platform that allows anyone, regardless of location, social standing, or income, to access basic banking services. The platform uses blockchain technology to create a borderless and inclusive financial system that anyone with a smartphone can access. BABB is poised to maintain its rapid growth and solidify its position as a global leader.

“Financial inclusion is a fundamental human right. BABB’s philosophy and mission, combined with the upcoming hybrid accounts, are game changers. That is what you want to see: a company with a meaningful goal that is regulated and follows through on its promises. We will be working hard to cover as many regions as impossible to others and deliver a great user experience.” Bulat says.

The UK-based startup is combining remote and on-site work. The team is small and ambitious, with high integrity and motivation. “Inclusion starts at home,” R. Averroes, BABB CEO, says, “we can’t achieve financial inclusion in the globe if we are not a diversified and inclusive team.”

“I am excited to be joining the BABB team and contributing to the future of finance,” Bulat said. “I believe that by combining the platform’s unique approach and cutting-edge technology, we can create a truly global experience that is accessible to all. I am thrilled to collaborate with the team to make that a reality. BABB’s goal aligns with my own personal beliefs, and I am eager to be a part of the team working to make this vision a reality.”

In conclusion, BABB is delighted to welcome Bulat as its new Chief Product Officer. Due to his significant expertise and knowledge of the industry, he is ideal for overseeing the creation and implementation of BABB’s product strategy, which aims to provide users worldwide with the best financial product experience possible.


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