Bankable partners with Starling Bank and Transact Payments to create full-service payments platform

Level39 high-growth member Bankable has partnered with Starling Bank and Transact Payments Ltd. to offer a real-time, full-service payments platform for clients. Bankable’s banking-as-a-service offering allows customers to focus on their brand, distribution and client acquisition instead of focusing on infrastructure.

The partnership with Starling allows Bankable to now access the Faster Payments Scheme, BACS and Settlement services. The partnership with Transact Payments allows Bankable to use their Electronic Money Institution license and supporting for direct debit products.

“Starling Bank’s work with Bankable and Transact Payments and its provision of real-time access to Faster Payments, together with safeguarding accounts, brings Banking as a Service to life together with Safe Guarding Accounts. In time, as our partnership progresses we will include BACS and access to the Single Europe Payments Area providing, the full suite of payments across both the UK and Europe.”  says Julian Sawyer, COO at Starling Bank.




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