Bankable powers Blank, a Digital Bank for independent workers, belonging to Crédit Agricole Group

Level39 member Bankable, the global architect of ‘Banking as a Service solutions’, announced today that his client Blank is now live.

Blank, a French digital bank for independent workers, is backed-up by Crédit Agricole Group via its startup studio, La Fabrique by CA. Crédit Agricole Group, the 10th largest bank in the world by total assets – serving 51 million clients across 47 countries, launched La Fabrique by CA to identify opportunities in banking and finance offers and support the development of selected Fintechs next to Crédit Agricole offers.

Blank is born as a response to meet the ever more specific needs of independent professionals – from craftsmen to freelancers. With Blank, the self-employed do not have to choose between an innovative Fintech and a large bank support. They get the best of both worlds.

“We chose Bankable among many other European Banking-as-a-Service players. Bankable’s infrastructure as a service stack  helped us go to market faster and better. We were able to focus on highly specific services and integrations to bring a tailored product to our professional customers, while Bankable managed our core banking infrastructure. As Bankable is modular, we were able to build on top of a custom set of services and external partners to meet our banking needs.” said Simon Parisot, Blank CTO and cofounder.

Eric Mouilleron, CEO and founder of Bankable said: “Blank focuses on tailored services for the specific needs of their customers while Bankable brings a BaaS platform to provide accounts, card, payment processing and API access to multiple ecosystem partners, freeing Blank from building a complex and regulatory compliant banking system, or having to connect to existing legacy IT infrastructure.”

Bankable has been the friendliest Fintech to Incumbents since inception. Bankable powers Fintechs so they can challenge incumbents and powers banks to build innovative and differentiated solutions. Partnering with both Fintech and banks ensure both gains from a compliant infrastructure and speedy time to market.” said Eric Mouilleron.


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