Bankable teams up with Moneyou on Banking-as-a-Service platform

Great news for Level39 member Bankable, the providers of a card and wallet system for major financial institutions, as they’ve announced a partnership with Moneyou, the consumer subsidiary of Dutch Bank ABN Amro. 

Moneyou is a new service which provides half-a-million customers with savings accounts, but is now diversifying with cards and wallets using Bankable’s technology.

By adopting Bankable, Moneyou (which is active in four countries in the EU) is able to launch a full product portfolio targeted at millennials in the Netherlands and Germany.

Eric Mouilleron, Bankable’s CEO and founder, adds: “We need to be two to tango… as we promote a transaction based model instead of a software license, increased with maintenance cost and an implementation by expensive consultants, our success is aligned with Moneyou.”


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