Bankable, Younited and LiftForward launch a BNPL payments platform in Europe. MicroSoft X Box is first client.

London, UK, Paris, France, Rome, Italy and New York City, USA – November 17, 2021

Bankable, the global architect of Banking as a Service solutions, Younited, a French #Next40 company and leading European fintech and LiftForward, the leading Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) subscription platform, hereby announce their partnership to create an innovative split payments solution in Italy.

Our first client is Microsoft, with Xbox All Access sales live in Italy since August 2021. Other partners will follow soon. The split payments programme has huge market potential, given a strong demand for an instant & omnichannel point of sale financing solution, whether in respect of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, or retailers.

The complementary nature of the partnership is such that Bankable facilitates payments through the provision of virtual cards, and Younited underwrites, and funds customer purchases transacted their customer-facing front-end, while LiftForward takes care of the connectivity of all the stakeholders. The modular nature of the partnership means the checkout flow and underwriting process can easily be tailored for other ecommerce applications via third-party API integration of additional partners.

Bankable, Younited and LiftForward share the common goal to transform the payments and banking system to make it less complex, more transparent, modular, and customer-centric to deliver superior customer outcomes. A single technology architecture can serve many markets globally, with Bankable offering solutions in 32 markets, Younited covering five jurisdictions and LiftForward’s network spanning 20 countries, with many more to follow. The deal was signed in March 2021 and went live in August 2021.

Eric Mouilleron, CEO & founder of Bankable said: “Thanks to our complementary assets and strong alignment of our teams, Younited and Bankable are well placed to support premium clients who require a pan-European banking offer leveraging a best-in-class infrastructure. This partnership clearly sets us apart from competition with the richest Banking as a Service offer for global clients with clear multi-country ambitions in Europe.”

Stefano Piscitelli, General Manager of Younited Italy, stated: “The partnership with Bankable represents a step forward for us as it reflects the innovative nature of the joint payment solutions developed by Younited and Bankable, which have been adhered to by major corporates who need to offer modern payments solutions to accelerate revenue growth. Through this partnership, Younited confirms its transformation, which began in 2018, into a leading SaaS payment and lending platform in Europe with global ambitions; a choice that has brought about strong, sustained growth”.

Jeffrey Rogers, CEO of LiftForward, said: “The preference of customers to purchase products and services through a subscription model is growing exponentially, and the onset of Covid around the world has increased the adoption of subscription products for hardware and related services.   The LiftForward BNPL platform, in partnership with Bankable and Younited, enables a true omni-channel shopping and integrated financing experience delivered from any retail channel.”

About Bankable

Bankable is a global digital core banking platform and Banking as a Service provider. We help financial institutions, corporates, and Fintech deploy, orchestrate, and operate highly differentiated payment and banking solutions with quick time to market.

About Younited

Younited, a French #Next40 company and leading European fintech aims to transform the lending and payment industry. Through its personal loan offering, extended payment solutions and budget coaching offering, Younited enables clients to make their projects real. Safe and simple.

Younited offers financial services to individuals: amortizing personal loans up to €50k, extended payment solutions, budget coaching and term deposits. It also provides Banking-as-a-Service technology solutions to businesses – banks, insurance companies, telecoms operators, e-merchants, tech companies, etc. – who want to offer their clients a 100%-digital, seamless, fast and transparent client experience thanks to its innovative, data-driven, technology platform.

A fully EU-authorized and regulated credit institution, Younited operates in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Austria, and employs over 440 staff. Since its launch in 2012, Younited has raised over €323m of equity capital, and extended over €3 billion in loans.

About LiftForward

LiftForward provides OEMs, retailers, and banks BNPL subscription software platforms that power global programs. LiftForward’s goal is to redefine the ownership and relationships between consumers, retailers and manufacturers. Based in the Financial District of lower Manhattan, LiftForward’s technology enables manufacturers to offer easy upgrade BNPL programs across channels, retailers, and geographies with their preferred financing partner(s). LiftForward currently partners with the world’s best manufacturers to build BNPL programs that provide customers the latest products, software and services through low, monthly, predictable payments with no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

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