Behaviour Monitoring Experts Behavox secure $100,000 grant from Google

Level39 member Behavox have recently secured a $100,000 Cloud Platform Grant from Google. 

The Behavox team plan to use this grant to deploy their applications on Google’s infrastructure, in order to “deliver fast, consistent and scalable performance.”

The grant will enable them to complete larger workloads, and to increase their global reach.

Behavox behavioural monitoring system protects financial services institutions from internal fraud, market abuse and reckless behaviour. Their system analyses performance and behaviours of traders and generates advanced risk-scores. Organisations can use these scores to monitor employees, and to perform investigations and audits.

As Behavox’s CEO, Erkin Adylov, put it, “The grant will allow us to scale up to handle the most demanding Internet­scale workloads and will provide us with multiple points of presence across the globe”


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