Birthstar Funds power Strawberry’s ‘Make it Easy’ Investment

Level39 member BirthStar Funds has been chosen as the investment engine that powers Strawberry’s new ‘Make It Easy’ investments service. 

Strawberry’s new service is designed to simplify investment by offering low-cost managed portfolios via their online platform. These new portfolios start from a minimum of £100-per-month, and have a management fee of 0.55% for SIPPs, NISAs and General Investment Accounts.

The team at Strawberry have chosen Architas BirthStar Target Date Funds as the investment engine that powers the new service.

When it comes to simplifying investment, Tom Cropper, Head of Partnerships at BirthStar, probably said it best:

“Nobody wants to feel they need a PhD in finance to get their investments done. With the new ‘Make It Easy’ approach, we want to help Strawberry make investing easier for their customers, as well as more affordable and better value.”


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