Bitreserve rebrands to Uphold; connects with banks and cards

Level39 member Uphold, formally known as Bitreserve, has re-branded the business with a new look and a broader range of deposit options.

The cloud-based money platform, which enables users to convert bitcoin into other currencies, as well as precious metals, has not only refreshed its look but for the first time is enabling users to deposit money via bank transfer and credit/debit cards – a shift away from its bitcoin roots to provide financial transactions for all.

Upon launch, Bitreserve enabled customers to convert bitcoin into different currencies including dollar, euro, franc, peso, pound or gold, silver, platinum and more – now Uphold empowers customers from 30 different European Union countries to transfer money – the next steps are providing this service to customers in the United States and China.

Following this Uphold is planning partnerships with MasterCard, Visa, Discover to allow members to pay merchants through the Uphold system.

“Our mission is to make it easy and frictionless for anyone, anywhere to move, convert, hold and transact in any form of money or commodity securely, instantly and for free,” said CEO, Anthony Watson.


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