BlockShip launches its mobile app

BlockShip, a UK based B2B startup aimed at minimizing trade documents fraud through QR code authentication, has launched its mobile app – available for download on Google Play & App Store.

BlockShip is a Level39 member, focusing on eradicating trade fraud by enabling users to control data & eliminate fraudulently created documents through a transparent app solution.

‘’Not only is invoice fraud the fastest growing cyber security threat globally, it is also the number one insurance claim pay out – this is an escalating problem that we’re trying to solve with BlockShip’’ – commented Marianna Boguslavsky, Marketing consultant and Co-founder of BlockShip.

Martin Roux, Supply Chain Specialist and Founder of BlockShip, added:  ‘’Standard purchase orders don’t confirm whether goods or services are actually received.  For inventory items, a goods receipt in the warehouse works as part of the PO matching process, but the commercial process relies on human requesters to perform a goods receipt for invoice approval – this leaves the process open to fraud. We’re persevering to address this issue.’’

For more information, please visit Blockship website here

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