BNP Paribas’ Consors Bank partners with Meniga

German retail bank Consors Bank has partnered with Meniga to build a  “world-class” digital banking platform.

Customers of Consors Bank are now able to manage their money on the move using their CB financial planner, which is powered by Meniga.

The German retail bank are new on the scene. They are an amalgam of France-based BNP Paribas German personal investment and online trading broker Cortal Consors SA.

Clemens Eckstein, who is Consors eBusiness experts, was keen to give examples of hour their new solution can make day-to-day financial planning a lot easier.

“If you know how much you spend each month on your car, food or lifestyle, and how much you will have left by the end of the month, it gives you better control over your daily money. But categorising all transactions manually can be quite tiresome. Thanks to the categorisation engine of Meniga, we were able to take away that inconvenient effort”

Meniga’s Georg Ludviksson, CEO and cofounder, was keen to praise Consors for deploying their progressive technology,

“Consors Bank is a shining example of a bank that understands that to thrive in a fast-changing world, they must embrace technology, user-centered design and new ways to become a trusted advisor in a much broader sense than most banks are today.”

Meniga are currently members of Level39’s High Growth Space, which is based on 42nd floor of One Canada Square.


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