Cake, Hackers & NextBank Europe

Ignitr and Meniga – two members of Level39’s High Growth Space: 42 – have joined forces to host an extra special cake&hackers event. 

The cake&hackers event is a bimonthly meetup for the finance and technology industries, organised by Gus MacDonald and the Ignitr team. The hallmark of the event is the splendid cakes, handcrafted by Amaury, who trained with one of Paris’ master bakers, Djibril Bodian.

The instalment on Monday 9th of February has been organised to herald the arrival of NextBank Europe.

Meniga have been instrumental in bringing the European leg of the NextBank event to Level39, and Monday’s cakes&hackers aims to be the perfect entree, ahead of the main course.

As Ignitr’s Gus MacDonald points out, it’s not all about the cakes…

“Amaury does a great job of baking some tasty treats, but ultimately the event is aimed at the fintech community and fostering debates and discussions around key questions faced by the sector. We’re hoping that cake&hackers provides a valuable contrast to Thursday’s sessions… Monday evening will be more about back and forth among participants”

Tickets to NextBank: Europe and cakes&hackers are available.



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