Catch up on APIDays 2016

APIDays is the yearly gathering of API and Open Banking experts from around the globe, taking place at Level39 and organised by our member TESOBE.

We caught up with COO Ismail Chaib to get his views on this year’s takeaways from the event:

APIs are here to stay: with more than 300 attendees this year again, and many engaging discussions over two days, APIDays proved that Open Banking is not a just fad but it is a strong trend which is here to stay whether that is driven by regulatory requirements such as PSD2 or banks’ Digital Transformation Agendas.

Consuming APIs vs Producing APIs: some of the talks highlighted the benefits for banks to consume APIs, from fighting information opacity to improving the overall customer experience, Open Banking success shall be measured by the appetite of banks to expose but also consume APIs.

Standard vs non Standard: another one of the hot topic of APIDays was about standards. At the Open Bank Project, they believe in  a unified standard which makes it easy for third party developers to plug their innovation but some of the speakers and attendees shared a different perspective – another topic to follow closely particularly as PSD2 and the Open Banking Standard are taking shape as we speak.

For more information and to get registered for the next open banking event, visit APIDays here:


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