partner with BBA to “pull auditing into the 21st century”

Level39 member have partnered with BBA to launch auditing solution ‘BBA Confirmations’.

BBA’s Chief Executive Anthony Browne joked that auditing is now finally entering the new millennium. He stated that “this safe new system will pull a key part of the auditing process into the 21st century.”

The ‘last century’ system that Anthony describes is reliant on the postal system.

Usually, if a company or other body wants to file their accounts, their auditors must send an audit confirmation letter to the entity’s banks. Until now this process has been conducted using the postal service. The new service will allow accountants to upload their audit requests to an online platform enabling banks to respond much more quickly.

Samuel O’Connor (pictured above with Adam Goodall), Commercial Director of, was keen to extol the virtues of the new system,

“BBA Confirmations is a no-brainer as it reduces the time it takes to complete an audit confirmation from several weeks to a few days and eliminates costs for all parties.”

It has been a busy year for Sam and Adam. Earlier this year, their original company ProConfirm was acquired by More detail here.


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