Crowdstacker goes live with first loan product

Crowdstacker, the Level39 member and P2P business platform that connects investors with growing British businesses, has gone live with its first loan product The Quanta Loans.

The launch marks Crowdstacker as one of the first peer-to-peer platforms to offer retail investors the opportunity to lend money to non-listed but established mid-sized and financially stable businesses. Crowdstacker are also one of the first platforms to get full FCA approval.

Investors can lend anything from £700 and will be offered a 6.8% return per annum over the three-year lifetime of the product, with interest paid in quarterly instalments.

Karteek Patel, CEO, Crowdstacker, said: “We see Crowdstacker as the democratisation of higher calibre investment options.

“We know from our research that the average man or woman on the street isn’t yet engaging with investment opportunities such as crowdfunding because they don’t know what it is – or they are put off by not knowing exactly where their money will be spent.


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