Crowdstacker launches UK’s first Innovative Finance ISA loan product

Crowdstacker, the Level39 member which lets users invest in British businesses on an FCA-regulated platform, has launched the UK’s first IFISA-eligible loan product.

The IFISA is a new type of ISA that was announced in last year’s budget. Unlike regular ISAs which are based on holding cash, or investing them in stocks, an IFISA lets people invest their money in P2P lending.

Meaning that Crowdstacker businesses may soon be able to raise funds via their own website, directly from regular investors.

Crowdstacker are launching their loan product, white-labelled. Meaning businesses can use an unbranded version of the Crowdstacker platform – including the full platform, payment processing and the investor liaison channels.

“This marks the start of some very real, new opportunities for the right kind of businesses to offer loan products directly to retail investors,” explains Mark Bristow, co-founder of Crowdstacker.

“We have all the technical, legal and regulatory capabilities in place to do this, meaning we can facilitate loans for brands in exactly the same way we do with loans on our own platform. Businesses will be able to offer ISA eligible investments directly to consumers as a means of raising funding for growth and development.


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