Level39: The Cyber Update

Despite being synonymous with Fintech – in the past three years we’ve quietly accumulated the largest cluster of cybersecurity startups in London.

To find out what each of them are up to, we’ve compiled the below report of our cyber businesses with their latest news.

If you’re a cyber business, customer or organisation with a cyber requirement – we highly recommend you connect with these companies. 


Multi-module biometrics. AimBrain makes sure you are the person you say you are when you do things like unlock your phone. This is way more advanced than typing in your pin. If you don’t believe us, believe Al-Jazeera.

– Named ‘Hot Cybersecurity Fintech‘ by bobsguide.com

Named in FinTech50 2016

Digital Reasoning

This Nashville-HQ’ed businesses harnesses the power of cognitive computing to detect suspicious behavioural patterns. Giving institutions the power to stop malicious employees in their tracks.

Raised $40m 

Launched the latest version of their cognitive computing platform

Digital Shadows 

Our long-time friends, Digital Shadows have grown from strength-to-strength while being here at L39. Starting off with just a few desks, they now boast a large office along with a San Francisco operation. They keep track of your company’s digital output, seeing where vulnerabilities might lie.

Raised $14m

Named Bloomberg Business Innovator


This Amsterdam-based businesses is all about analysing cyber threats and creating strategies tailored to the business that needs protecting. They’ve scooped a number of awards and are often in the press providing great expertise on cybersecurity topics.

Raised €5.5m

Finalised in SC Magazine Awards

Encap Security

A Norwegian business with a strong foundation in online security. They provide mobile-based products and solutions for the telco, bank and finance industries.

Partnered with BankID on a pilot

Acquired by AllClearID


One of our newer members, Envision are quietly working on a piece of tech that makes it easy for customers to accept global payments while completely guaranteeing any kind of fraud. Watch this space.


HQ’ed in Cambridge, Ontario – this startup allow businesses to monitor and help guard their corporate networks against security breaches.

Raised $19.5m


moQom are experts in keeping mobile payments secure. They work on the technical details of security so as consumers we benefit from secure, painless transactions.

Raised $3m

– Makes Fintech 100 European list


myPINpad are making sure that the transactions we make online are as secure, and as simple, as the ones we make face-to-face. Long gone are the days of fiddly passwords and terrifying payment portals.

Strikes a five-year deal with UK payments network operator VocaLink 

Obrela Security Industries

Hailing from Athens, Greece – Obrela provide enterprise-class security consultancy and managed services to global 500 corporations. Have a look at CEO George Patsis’ interview with L39TV to understand why ‘it’s not if you get hacked, it’s when‘.

The ID Co.

Parent entity of miiCard – the online verification experts. They take the trust you already have with your online bank, and port it in a way that is useful in other scenarios. A digital passport that lets you prove your identity online.


In a large institution with thousands of employees, keeping a close-eye on your human capital is a wise investment. That’s where RedOwl comes in – they use a combination of structure and unstructured data, along with their analytics, to identify where there might be a human risk.

Closed $17m fundraising round

Named ‘Most Innovative Company’ at RSA 2014 Conference

Risk Ident

With expertise in big data and machine learning, Risk Ident is all about preventing fraud. Their solutions are used by European businesses in sectors such as e-commerce, telecommunications and the financial sector.

Highly commended in the 2015 Payments Awards

Security Alliance

Boasting a former British Army Military Corps cybersecurity expert in their team – Security Alliance are specialists in ensuring that businesses are at the top of their game in responding to cyber threats. They offer a range of security testing programmes and cyber threat assessments.


Signicat are specialists in making sure that people really are who they say they are. Especially when it comes to actions like signing contracts and online forms.


Our Swiss-member Swissper (clue’s in the name) is like WhatsApp wearing an invisibility cloak. Fully-secured, fully-encrypted messaging for organisations. Available on iOS.

TouchTech Payments

Authenticate yourself with a scan and a swipe. That’s it, really. When you’re transacting online – you point your camera at a special QR code, you swipe your fingerprint and you’re good to go. Revolutionising the way we authenticate.


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