Digital Shadows upgrades SearchLight features

Digital Shadows, the Level39 member which provides cyber-situational awareness to protect against cyber attacks, loss of IP and reputational integrity, has upgraded its SearchLight tool with a new set of features providing a complete view of an organisations digital footprint.

The new suite of tools includes cybercrime capability (to discover direct cyber criminal threats) extensive search (with enhanced coverage of deep and dark web locations) attacker map and activity trending (to view trending data on an interactive world map) flexible reporting (for even more flexible and customisable reporting options) and github integration (extending its coverage of technical leakage incidents).

“Once you understand what an attacker knows about your business, you have the ability to truly improve your security efforts, but analyzing an organization’s digital shadow and providing tailored insights into its would-be attackers is extremely complex,” said James Chappell, CTO and co-founder of Digital Shadows.

All of the new capabilities will be available in October 2015. More information available at


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