Doreming unveils the UK-Japan Fintech Initiative

On Friday March 17, Doreming, our Japanese financial-inclusion tech member, launched the UK-Japan Fintech initiative with the help of DIT, HM Treasury and Level39.

The business was founded in the midst of the financial crash – around the time Lehman Brothers was collapsing – it was then Japan saw a surge of ‘net refugees’ – temporary displaced workers living in Internet Cafes because of its low cost.

Fast forward to 2017 and the team have been busy promoting financial inclusion initiatives – including a focus on the United Nations’ Social Development Goals.

UK-Japan Fintech Initiative

To tie it together Doreming decided to convene some leaders in international trade and financial inclusion – including Rohini Kumar, Deputy Director of FSO at DIT and Florence Masser, Policy Advisor at UK HM Treasury.

They also invited Paul Lam of CDC Group – the development finance institution owned by the UK Government.

The event saw a panel discussion between Doreming, Level39 and Innovate Finance, followed up by an executive speech by Yoshihiro Iwara, of Mitsui Knowledge Industry – a leading Japanese IT services provider. The closing speech was given by Yoshiki Furuta, VP of SoftBank Corporation.


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