EclecticIQ releases new weapon in fight against cyber criminals

EclectiqIQ, a new Level39 member that turns cyber intelligence into business value, has developed a tool kit for threat analysts that allows them to improve their intelligence gathering.

The intelligence can also be shared with trusted colleagues in- and outside the organization, helping each other to become more proactive.

For the past year EclecticIQ has been working with financial institutions and security organizations like NATO NCIA to fine-tune this software.

The global launch of this toolkit arises from an alarming growth of cyber threats and breaches: in 2014, nearly 43 million security incidents were reported by PWC, a 48% increase from 2013.

The threat no longer comes from the ‘lone hacker’ but from well-coordinated crime syndicates and other unfriendly groups hungry for private data, intellectual property, and financial gain.

EclecticIQ CEO Joep Gommers elaborates: “Cyber security has become a mainstream concern. Boards and executives finally have cyber threat on their strategic radar. Our technologies help organizations speed up the adoption of a Cyber Threat Intelligence practice and take control of their cyber security.”


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