ET Index Research report: 1.4bn tonnes of CO2 could be saved

Level39 member ET Index Research has just released their yearly report ranking the world’s biggest companies by their carbon output – and revealed there’s potential to save 1.4bn tonnes of CO2 emissions – the same as Japan’s yearly output. 

Nearly half of the world’s largest 800 listed companies disclosed their emissions – but there’s huge variations in performance. If the ‘dirtiest’ 50% achieved what ET Index Research call a mid-range carbon-intensity for their sector, we’d be looking at saving 1.4 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Chris Huhne, former UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and Co-chair of ET Index Research, said: “Sector by sector there are champions and dunces. Some companies can be over 100 times less carbon intensive than others in the very same industry. Backing the champions makes sense because carbon-efficient companies have outperformed the market average over the last five years.”

Check out the rankings of the 363 companies here.



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