eToro handed award by former Level39 Team Member

Level39 member eToro were handed the ‘Most Promising Business’ prize at the UK/Israel Business Awards by former Level39 team member Axel Katalan.

Paul Chrimes picked up the award on behalf of eToro, who were honoured for the eye-watering progress they have made in the last year. Amongst other successes, they have launched their UK presence at Level39, and moved into a larger office following continuing progress.

Axel Katalan, Level39’s former Deputy Head of Community, gained the stage to hand over the prize. After lauding the healthy bilateral business relationship between London and Tel Aviv, Axel proudly declared that his fellow Level39 members were the victors.

Axel now heads up UK Operations for Israeli company MyCheck, and is also one of Level39’s group of advisors. At Level39, we are very pleased to have sponsored the awards.

On the night, Lord Young of Graffham was the deserved recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Before regaling the audience with tales of his governmental trips to Tel Aviv, Lord Young quipped, “This is the first lifetime achievement award that I’ve ever received… hopefully this doesn’t mean that I’m at that time of life!”


Axel Katalan and Ben Goldsmith of Level39 were quick to ask Lord Young for a conversation and photo opportunity!



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