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Draft Agenda

8:30 – Introductions

9:00 – BSIA – (TBC) Surveillance Code of Practice, How the UK Government, the BSIA and the UK Security Industry Proactively Addressed the GDPR.

9:30 –  Identity, Security & Privacy, and Why the GDPR Matters Across the Globe – Sal D’Agostino

10:00 – Break

10:30 – (Feature Speaker : ie. –  TBA)

11:00 Final Remarks

11:15  Reception

11: 45 Close

Workshop Summary

This workshop aims to increase awareness of key industry standards efforts, and gaps for privacy; in security system deployments, throughout the supply chain, from product provider, to system integrator, to end user.

The workshop will highlight some of the thought leadership and best practices that have evolved in the UK, much as a result of the extensive use of surveillance technology.  The workshop examines risks, vulnerabilities and gaps in current deployments and give specific example of efforts to address key privacy and security issues.  The output of the workshop will result in a report for use with industry codes of practice and comments for privacy regulators.

Reporting on practices and approaches that meet and exceed GDPR requirements for public and private services.   Feeding into global privacy standards efforts.

Note This Workshop is Apart of a  Series of 3 events: May 22, 23rd & 24t

3 Privacy workshops aimed at driving discussion towards internationally usable guidelines for existing privacy infrastructure, looking to build international privacy infrastructure.

UK to provide the forward thinking  in standard development.  this month and working with a lot of people involved in creating privacy, identity, security, technologies and standards.

The objective this week is to  liaise between different sectors and standards efforts to reference operational privacy initiatives.

May 22nd –  MMaP Marketing, Media and Privacy – With the Kantara Initiative & IBM as the Venue Sponsors, on the Southbank

May 23rd: Surveillance Standards & GDPR

May 24th,  Data Portability & Privacy Information Sharing  – at the Open Data Institute with MyData community co-organising the event.