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UEBS in London: Recent Advances in Behavioural Finance

21st February 2018


Alumni, industry contacts and their guests are invited to join us for a special event on behavioural finance hosted by the University of Edinburgh Business School.


What is behavioural finance? Why has this relatively new field developed so rapidly in the past few years and, crucially, what can we learn from it? 

Last year, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Richard H. Thaler for his contributions to behavioural economics, consolidating “psychologically realistic assumptions into analyses of economic decision-making.” This award brought behavioural economics and behavioural finance to new prominence and demonstrating its huge application potential.

During this engaging and interactive event, Dr Arman Eshraghi, Senior Lecturer in Finance and Accounting at the University of Edinburgh Business School, will provide an in depth overview of the field of behavioural finance, looking at some of the more recent advances in this fascinating research area and outlining why this is such a relevant field for those working within the finance and investment sector.

This event is being organised by the University of Edinburgh Business School and is aimed at alumni, industry contacts and prospective students who would like to connect with the School, or who have a keen interest in the theme of finance, investments and asset management. A Q&A will follow to enable further discussion and will continue with networking drinks after the event.



21st February 2018