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Zero Knowledge Proofs for Business: Collaborating on Data without Revealing…

14th November 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Applied Blockchain is pleased to announce a day long training workshop aimed at a business audience to learn about the emerging technology of zero knowledge proofs and how it can be applied in a business setting.

Zero Knowledge Proofs: What are they, and how might they impact my business?

Zero knowledge proofs enable certain properties of data (e.g. asset ownership, value ranges) to be shared and verified by a counterpart without revealing or sharing the underlying data. For example, I can prove I’ve solved a Sudoku puzzle without revealing the solution, I can prove I’m over 18 without revealing my age, or I can prove that I’m in London without revealing my exact location.

Think of all the commercially sensitive data inside an organisation, big data, data lakes, where it may be valuable to share data proof points with a business counterpart, partner, customer or supplier, without revealing the commercially sensitive underlying data.

The technology may be used standalone, or combined with enterprise blockchain technology.

The workshop will be provided by Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO at Applied Blockchain. Adi has over 25 years technology experience working for blue chips including Vodafone, Lloyd’s Insurance Market, and Lloyds Banking Group, and has implemented blockchain solutions at companies including Shell, Toyota, KLM and the United Nations. Adi has recently conceived and managed the development of a zero knowledge proofs platform for enterprise.


14:00 – 14:30: Registration & Coffee

14:30 – 16:00: Overview of Zero Knowledge Proof technology

An interactive session where we will present the topic and address the following questions:

What are Zero Knowledge Proofs?

What are the origins of the technology?

What business problems do Zero Knowledge Proofs solve?

Do Zero Knowledge Proofs require a blockchain?

How can Zero Knowledge Proofs be used with big data?

How can Zero Knowledge Proofs be used for personal identity and personal data?

How can Zero Knowledge Proofs be applied in different industries (banking, finance, energy, automotive, aviation, shipping, supply chains, telecoms)?

What is a trusted setup, when is it required, and how can it be executed in a business environment?

What are zkSNARKs, zkSTARKS, bulletproofs, and zkSHARKS?

Is the technology ready to be used in a business and enterprise setting?

Does the technology scale? Is it mature? Is it secure?

What will my counterparts require in order to verify the Zero Knowledge Proofs that I share with them?

What about interoperability?

What compliance issues might we face or solve using Zero Knowledge Proofs.

16:00 – 16:15: Break

16:15 – 17:00: Showcase and demo of practical zero knowledge proofs applications

17:00 – 17:45: Round table discussions designing specific uses cases for zero knowledge proofs

17:45 – 18:00: Closing Remarks

Who should attend?

Business leaders, technology leaders (CIO’s, CTO’s, technology architects).


14th November 2019
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


One Canada Square, Canary Wharf
London, E14 5AB
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0203 668 3600