Investing in UK startups- Diversification, Upside, Tax Benefits

Investing in UK startups- Diversification, Upside, Tax Benefits

Level39 is delighted to be sponsoring this meetup for its member CityFALCON. A fortnightly meet-up on 'value investing' - CityFALCON will be speaking to between 30-50 people at the event on the value of the Netflix stock, Tesla's model 3 impact on the stock, and about 'Science fiction as a guide to new investment opportunities'.

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Introduction, and update on stocks discussed in previous meet-ups.  It's good to see some of our picks outperforming the markets.  

6.45 - 7.00 pm - Level39 team will talk about the FinTech ecosystem in London and at Level39.  

7.00 - 7.20 pm - I'll talk about 'Why retail traders and investors should be excited about FinTech in investment management'

7.20 - 7.40 pm - Tom Britton, CTO and co-founder of Syndicate Room will talk about 'SEIS and EIS tax benefits from investments in start-ups'

7.40 - 8 pm - Thomas Davies, CIO, Seedrs will talk about 'How to make sure your crowdfunding investment is protected'

8.00 - 8.20 pm - Q&A and some tough questions relating to crowdfunding

8.20 - 9.00 pm - Networking, pizzas, drinks

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Map and Directions
Level39Canary Wharf, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London E14, UK