#EYStartUp Challenge Announces Seven Finalists

EY have announced the seven startups that will participate in the inaugural EYStartup Challenge.

Each of the seven startups have been selected as their technological solution will, in some way, help discover the technological solutions that enable EY’s clients’ to respond to the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), particularly focusing on the “Right to be Forgotten”.

Check out the video below for a full introduction to the Challenge, including insight from EY’s Rob Walker, pictured above…


The seven finalists are:

Exonar: Exonar allows organisations to understand what information is important, where it is, and who has access to it

Mentat Innovations: Mentat is building a real time machine learning infrastructure SaaS product

MyGravity: MyGravity provides consumers a view of their digital self and provides companies a platform of services, products and technology to better use consumers’ data

Privately: Privately provides a platform that gives privacy to end-users by allowing them to delete social media posts from circulation

Sedicii: Sedicii allows identity confirmation without having to reveal personal identifiable information

Yambina: Yambina’s Enterprise Data Management provides tools for mapping data sources, applying data transformations and applying rules to data and managing exceptions

QoiD: QoiD provides a secure method for customers to manage and control access to their information stored with someone they trust or self-host.

Eric Van der Kleij, Head of Level39, was keen to extol the values of this collaboration between a big player such as EY and seven ambitious startups.

“As the curtain raises on The EY StartUp Challenge, we all move closer to better understanding and responding to the critical issues brought about by ‘the right to be forgotten’. Each of the seven finalist companies deal with these challenges in different and innovative ways, and by working with an established firm such as EY, the growing companies will gain access to a treasure chest of contacts and resources that would have otherwise remained difficult to reach. Best of luck to all of the teams.”


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