Finovate Capital Advisors raises capital for Huddlestock

Level39 member Huddlestock today announced a funding round advised by Finovate Capital Partners. The investment boutique based in London has supported Norway’s Huddlestock in achieving this investment. Lead investors include Lars Holst, former CEO of CFH Clearing – who is also joining Huddlestock’s board of directors.

Huddlestock delivers a crowd investing platform giving users access to investments in a simple way. Hedge funds, investment banks, research houses, family offices and financial services firms supply researched investment strategies onto the platform. By pooling investments, users get access to high quality investment ideas at lower costs usually reserved for industry professionals.

“Lars is an industry veteran, and brings considerable knowledge and network to Huddlestock, necessary for the phase we are in now. We have launched, and are a fully operational company with thousands of investors investing through Huddlestock. Our focus now is growth and commercialization. The next couple of months we will add more key people to management and the board, to position ourselves for scaling and taking Huddlestock to the next stage,” says CEO, Murshid M. Ali.



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