Industry experts launch FinTech Insiders podcast at Level39

The star-studded lineup of David Brear, Simon Taylor, Chris Skinner and Jason Bates are bringing a new fintech-focused podcast to the industry, recorded here at Level39. 

Asking the questions that nobody else seems to ask, FinTechInsider is a behind-the-scenes podcast on technology in banking – and the first episode, a Brexit special, has already aired featuring Anna Irrera and former L39 member Sophie Guibaud.

Hosted by David Brear, co-founder and CEO of 11:FS , we’re expecting an episode a week with Episode 2 guests being Frank Schuli, CEO of Safello, Edward Maslaveckas, CEO of Bud, and Anna Irrera, from the Wall Street Journal, talking about the Bitcoin halving.

Episode 3 will feature Oliver Bussman, former CIO of UBS, as well as Oscar Williams Grut, from Business Insider and Marcus Treacher of Ripple.

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