VIDEO: #FintechMonthly now on Tech City News

Today Tech City News launched Fintech Monthly, a new video series all about the biggest stories in financial technology. 

This new series will be presented by Ben Goldsmith, Level39’s Head of Content (who is also me! So please excuse me if I now slip into the first person).

You can catch the video on Tech City News, or by clicking the image below.


It’s my job to introduce and interview people who are far more interesting than myself. For example, Mastercard, Zwipe, ApplePay, Walmart, BestBuy, TransferGo, Transferwise, Ffrees and WeSwap are making the news in this episode, and Alastair Paterson, Richard Goold and Jon Zanoff are doing the talking.

I’m merely the fintech sherpa, guiding viewers through the most interesting stories each month, aided by the unseen-superhero producer Dylan Baker, and camera-maestro Ian Buswell.

Do drop me an email if you’re a fintecher and you’ve got some interesting news to share.


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