Foxberry adds Nasdaq index data on foxf9® – enabling an era of sustainable hyper customisation

London, 26 August 2021

Foxberry, the provider of front-office technology for the financial sector, today announced the availability of Nasdaq
index data on Foxberry’s foxf9® indexing and analytics platform. This means that foxf9 clients can use Nasdaq indices as starting points to research and develop bespoke index variations. Nasdaq’s indices can be screened on ESG criteria, re-weighted using different portfolio models, backtested and more. With foxf9, a user can backtest portfolio models, screen on sustainability parameters, auto-generate index rule books and pitchbooks, and instantaneously analyse index compositions, including sustainability performance.

The highly user-friendly web interface means no programming skills are required. Nasdaq calculates more than 46,000 diverse indexes, providing coverage across asset classes, countries and sectors, including the Nasdaq 100®
index which offers investors and managers exposure to some of the most innovative companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Starbucks, but also local domestic indices like the OMX Stockholm 30 Index, consisting of the 30 most actively traded stocks on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Baris Parla, Managing Director, Index Sales & Licensing at Nasdaq, commented: “With foxf9, Foxberry has built a unique platform for the research and development of new indices and we are excited to see what innovations foxf9’s speed of development combined with our index data can
unlock for our clients.”

The availability of Nasdaq Indices data on the platform means that clients can work with some of the world’s most recognised indices, test new ideas and bring them to market in record time.

Henrik Brunlid, CEO of Foxberry, added: “We are pleased to enable client access to Nasdaq’s innovative and recognised indices, including the Nasdaq 100 and OMX Stockholm 30, enabling clients to customise their exposure further”.

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Foxberry is a provider of front-office technology for the financial sector. Foxberry’s foxf9 platform is a comprehensive solution for sustainability, analytics & backtesting across all data sets and strategies regardless of
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