Foxberry launches indexing and analytics platform: foxf9® – preparing clients for a sustainable world of hyper customisation

Level39 member Foxberry, the provider of financial indices and front office technology for the financial sector, today announced the launch of its indexing and analytics platform foxf9® , which will empower financial institutions to respond to an era of sustainability driven investing, hyper customisation and an increased focus on value-added content differentiation.

foxf9 is an open architecture platform. This allows customers to use multiple data sources, including other index providers’, as well as incorporate ESG and sustainability data from numerous sources in combination with their own analysis for index development and analytics. With foxf9, a user can backtest portfolio models, screen on sustainability parameters, auto-generate index rule books and pitchbooks, and instantaneously analyse index compositions, including sustainability performance. The highly user-friendly web interface means no programming skills are required.

Henrik Brunlid, CEO of Foxberry commented: “With foxf9 we put the technology we have developed in-house, and used internally for years, in the hands of our clients. Our platform empowers our clients to drastically reduce the feedback loop for index development and related analytics. The sustainability analytics features become particularly powerful when paired with a production level backtesting engine.”

As foxf9 enables users to share portfolios, analysis and other IP such as investment algorithms, it opens up new possibilities on how to engage, socialise new concepts and work with clients. The collaborative features can for instance be used for cooperation between an asset manager’s sustainability team and the portfolio managers, between product development and sales desks, or between asset managers and their counterparts. The advanced foxf9 platform enables development of strategies ranging from equity indices, to complex derivatives-based indices, as well as indices based on artificial intelligence.

Henrik Brunlid, CEO of Foxberry added: “Our clients have access to an increasing amount of data but using their data subscriptions to gain insight and guide action is a challenge for most institutions. With foxf9, we have teamed up with some of the best and most recognised data and IP owners in order to facilitate informed and actionable results in a seamless fashion. Our clients are prepared for a sustainable world of hyper customisation.”


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