Foxberry to Offer Sustainalytics’ ESG Research and Ratings Via the foxf9® Platform

London, 16 June 2021

Foxberry today announced it is collaborating with Sustainalytics, a Morningstar company and a leading global provider of ESG research, ratings and data, to offer institutional investors access to a wide range of ESG information through the foxf9® platform. Leveraging Sustainalytics’ rich set of ESG ratings and data, investors can create unique indexes and assess their performance. Foxberry’s foxf9 platform enables clients to seamlessly assess multiple data sources in one place and the foxf9 calculation and back testing engine can provide a deeper level of understanding ESG data.

Henrik Brunlid, CEO of Foxberry, said: “The key client benefit is that together we are reducing the ESG feedback loop for assessing new potential investment policy decisions, creating more sustainable products as well as the capability to easily monitor ongoing commitments across different mandates and products.”
“We have worked with Sustainalytics for many years and have great respect and admiration for the organisation. Since we have many joint clients, we are truly excited to be able to offer their data via the foxf9 platform.”

foxf9 is an open architecture platform. This allows customers to use multiple data sources, including from other index providers, and incorporate ESG data from numerous sources in combination with their own analysis for index development and analytics.

With foxf9, a user can backtest portfolio models, screen on sustainability parameters, auto-generate index rule books and pitchbooks, and instantly analyse index compositions, including sustainability performance. The user-friendly web interface means no programming skills are required.

Tim Langer, Director of Sustainalytics’ Client Relations, said: “Sustainalytics is delighted to make our ESG research and ratings available through the foxf9 platform. Foxberry has created a dynamic platform that can support our clients’ needs to build, monitor and analyse different types of indexes.”

An existing Foxberry client, Joakim Kjeller, from the asset management arm of Dina Försäkring AB explained his experience using foxf9. He said: “Since starting to use foxf9 to screen external mandates, we are in a better position to get transparency across asset classes and quantify ESG issues and are able to put pressure on external managers to improve. We are now advancing our ESG investment policy accordingly. With foxf9, a process that used to take months now takes days – or less, and we are able to accelerate our ESG criteria significantly.”

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