The Great Tech Expedition: Digital Shadows, Kusiri & Fingenius

Twenty of the UK’s finest enterprise tech companies are on The UKTI’s Great Expedition to New York, Boston and Chicago. The goal of the mission is to win some stateside business.

Three of the exclusive group are members of Level39’s High Growth Space on the 42nd floor of One Canada Square, which is our space for larger tech companies.

Digital Shadows, Kusiri and FinGenius join seventeen other UK companies who are all hoping to open new market possibilities and investment opportunities in the USA. You can check out the full list of 20 companies here.

This trip has been lauded by the Mayor of London himself, Boris Johnson, who extolled the virtues of London’s unique community of innovators and entrepreneurs,

“London’s innovative approach to the tech sector is the envy of start-ups the world over. We are a city packed with entrepreneurs who are experts in their field and my commitment to them is to provide whatever assistance I can to set them on the path towards international success.

The Mayor confidently stated that this trip really ‘means business’ for the twenty companies:

“The opportunities that this whirlwind tour presents will convert into dollars for the companies and regeneration, jobs and growth back home in London.”

As a fitting end to a busy schedule  the cohort are pitching to a huddle of ‘5-10 top tier VIP Venture Capitalists’ in Fried Frank’s New York office this morning, before flying back to London on Saturday 11th.

Follow our Adizah Tejani on twitter for live updates from the event, and also keep and eye on the #GTE14 hashtag.



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