Green Wallet is here… to help customers live more eco-friendly lives

The app-based marketplace that helps you shop sustainably with verified ethical businesses promoting conscious spending.

Not all of us have the option of blasting off into space, we have the planet we have and we all need to do better in living more sustainable lives to protect it against further damage.

On 28th July, for World Nature Conservation Day, Green Wallet has partnered with over 30 of their merchants to launch their sustainable shopping app. Ethical spending is crucial in the fight for a brighter future and by using Green Wallet, consumers can be assured their choices are ethical, sustainable and good for our planet.

The launch of the Green Wallet app is a huge step to creating a community of conscious customers and ethical vendors.

Green Wallet will do the hard work to vet the businesses so customers feel assured their spending will be going to help the planet, rather than harm it. As we say here: #votewithyourwallet.

The app not only allows customers to shop with eco-friendly vendors, an in-app loyalty system rewards sustainable behaviour with ‘Green Coins’ that can in-turn be used within the app. Also, with every transaction, Green Wallet plants a tree.

Many small changes can make a big difference and that’s the spirit of what we are trying to achieve with Green Wallet. Fostering a community of sustainable minded people who wish to see their choices have a positive impact on the future of our planet. It is the choices we make today that will most affect our tomorrow:



Our goal is to make this easier for consumers. No need to google every product, every purchase, every vendor to determine whether or not you feel comfortable you’re making an ethical choice. Life is busy enough.

Some of the merchants already signed up include:

  • Ocean Bottle, an award winning, reusable water bottle that promises to collect 1000 ocean bound plastic bottles for every purchase.
  • All Earth Mineral Cosmetics, winner of the most eco conscious cosmetic brand in the U.K.2020.
  • Votch, a U.K. based, cruelty free watch company.

To see a full list of companies signed up to Green Wallet, find out more about our mission and where we want to take our community, visit our website


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