Heckyl to provide Euronext with Sentiment Data

Level39 member Heckyl Technologies, a leading provider of news and data analytic solutions, will provide sentiment data, market intelligence and trending news on all companies listed on leading stock exchange Euronext.

The sentiment data is not only free but will also be available for retail investors in the first half of 2016 via Euronext’s Market Data app and later on  through web-delivered services.

Through Heckyl’s proprietary systems, data will be simultaneously gathered from hundreds of thousands of sources from all over the world, such as news websites and blogs, and presented as ready-to-use, actionable intelligence. The sentiment analysis allows investors to be alerted to mood changes in a company’s value before the price itself moves.

“Heckyl Technologies are one of the most exciting start-ups in London’s Level39 fintech hub and this innovative service will enable investors to increase insight in stock market behaviour”, said Lee Hodgkinson, Head of Markets and Global Sales at Euronext.

Som Sagar, COO and Co-Founder of Heckyl Technologies, said,“We are delighted that Euronext has chosen to work with Heckyl to provide this insight to their users. We have seen the very positive impact this has had with our existing users and know that it will be well received. We look forward to a long partnership with Euronext, rolling out additional innovation and content in the near future.”


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