Huddlestock raises $1.5 million in seed funding

Huddlestock, the Level39 member which gives its users financial-trading superpowers, has raised a groundbreaking $1.5m seed round. 

The startup – which joined Level39 through our friends over at Innovation Norway – lets users tap into investment ideas usually only available to investment managers.

The business is still only in beta mode – making the feat all the more remarkable.

Hailing from the oil-capital of the world Stavanger, the Huddlestock team joined us earlier this year with an aim to democratise the finance industry – opening it up to more people to reap the benefits only available to hedge funds and other investment pros.

Murshid M. Ali, CEO of Huddlestock, said: “The past few months have been exciting for us. We have been signing agreements with great partners, and aim to collaborate with banks in several markets. They understand our value proposition, and are interested in working with us in offering their customers our platform. We are building a hub where companies that provide genuine value to our users can benefit by working with us.”

Watch CEO Murshid talk about the platform with Level39TV:


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