Innovate Finance forms strategic partnership with BritishAmerican Business

Innovate Finance, the Level39 member and membership association for global FinTech, has announced a strategic partnership with BritishAmerican Business, the leading transatlantic business association. 

The two organisations will  champion FinTech together and help them connect and build their businesses on both sides of the Atlantic – in effect forging closer ties between the world’s two biggest financial hubs; London and New York.

The partnership also introduces an annual transatlantic FinTech event in New York that will bring members from both organisations together to celebrate the sector’s accomplishments for the year.

The organisations will also create the world’s first transatlantic advanced FinTech course between two top universities in the US and the UK, to be announced in early 2016.

Alastair Lukies CBE, Chairman of Innovate Finance said: “As the next wave of innovation in financial services begins to evolve, we are seeing London and New York emerge as the epicentres of collaboration between the incumbents and disruptors, between regulators and innovators, and investors and entrepreneurs.”


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