Innovate Finance partners with Hartree Centre and IBM on blockchain lab

Innovate Finance, the Level39 member and independent membership association serving the global FinTech sector, recently announced it will establish a blockchain lab in partnership with the Hartree Centre, the research facility founded by the UK Government’s Science and Technology Facilities Council as a research collaboration in association with IBM.

The proposed lab will help participants collaborate on developing use cases for blockchain in financial services and to help accelerate its adoption as a viable infrastructure to build new applications.

Participants of the Innovate Finance lab will bring their blockchain knowledge to the centre and in return, they will have access to the power of Hartree’s high-performance computing  technology for their blockchain exploration.

“We are excited about the prospect of our members openly collaborating to deliver use cases to the wider community,” said Innovate Finance’s CEO Lawrence Wintermeyer. “If we can use the lab to develop open standards for the blockchain in financial services, we will be moving one step closer to accelerating the mass adoption of this breakthrough technology.”


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