Intel Teams up with Cognicity Smart Cities Challenge

It was today announced that Canary Wharf Group’s Cognicity Challenge has teamed up with Intel Corporation. 

Today at the RE:WORK ConferenceMikele Brack and Duncan Wilson shared the news that Intel will provide access to its innovation teams for the Cognicity Challenge. This, along with opportunities for mentorship with Intel leaders, will help startups create the next generation of interoperable technologies to improve the lives of residents and tenants.

The Cognicity Challenge aims to identify and accelerate startups focused on smart cities innovations by providing technological expertise and the opportunity to develop their solutions in the ongoing development of Canary Wharf, translating smart cities thinking into practice.

The Challenge comprises six individual challenges, each of which focus on a specific area of ‘smart cities’ technology. Approximately six startups will compete in each challenge, hoping for a cash prize and the chance to deploy their technologies at Canary Wharf.

Today Cognicity also announced the launch of the final two challenge streams (Connected Home and Virtual Design & Construction). All six streams are now open for applications; please visit the Cognicity website for more information.

Understandably, the leadership teams from Canary Wharf Group and Intel were very pleased with the announcement.

Sir George Iacobescu, Chairman and CEO of Canary Wharf Group plc, said, “This collaboration demonstrates Intel’s leadership in smart cities and the Internet of Things, and affirms their commitment to supporting the startups. The access Intel is providing to their technologies and expertise will help Cognicity create leading products that will be essential to building a truly smart and sentient city here at Canary Wharf.”

Rod O’Shea, General Manager of Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd, said: “London is one of the world’s leading cities and is perfectly positioned to become the flagship for smart cities everywhere.  Initiatives like Cognicity with Canary Wharf Group are laying the foundations for London to unlock its potential for all its residents.”

For full details, and to get in touch with the team, check out the Cognicity website. 


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