Internet of Things: Springboard/TechStars come to Level39

Level39 is pleased to announce that we’re working with Springboard to deliver their ‘Internet of Things’ rehearsal event. On Thursday 23rd May, Springboard is coming into ‘FutureMinster’ – one of our Sandbox spaces here at Level39 – and bringing eight innovative and disruptive tech startups with them. The startups will pitch their ideas to a panel of respected tech investors, who will announce a top three after a huddle.

Springboard is now entering an exciting transitional period, as they recently announced a merger with the US mentoring giant TechStars. Springboard was modeled on TechStars from the off, and merging the UK programme with the Boulder-headquartered organisation sees TechStars London kick off full speed in July. It’s a real pleasure to be working with these guys at this interesting time, and we hope to do more with them in the future.

And now for the important part – an introduction to the eight startups :

  • BrightMove Media (
    We sell geo & time-based digital advertising on LED screens on the rooftops of London Black Taxis.
  • Playground Energy (
    Harvesting the kinetic energy from playgrounds and giving it back to children in the form of light or sounds in order to motivate them to play more.
  • Responsive Sports (
    Smart Sports Equipment.
  • Siine (
    Siine helps people communicate with machines and databases.
  • TapTo (
    We provide businesses and their customers with engaging experiences that use NFC (Near Field Communications) or QR codes.
  • TOPPOT (
    Improving home cooking through technology.
  • Wicastr (
    We empower anyone to deliver hyper local and rich content experiences anywhere without the use of Internet or an app.
  • Wifido
    We’re dedicated to improving your pet’s health and well being through the use of internet connected sensors.

As this event is hush-hush, we’re not allowed to mention the ‘winner’ – so you can pick a favourite for yourselves! A difficult choice, you’ll agree…


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