HealthTech & Life Sciences
London, UK

HeartLink (current working name) will be a tech for social impact marketplace and matching
platform based in London, UK. We will be offering innovative options to plan for the end of life.

One of their innovations will be new offerings to maximize individuals’/companies’ current impact
which will be part of creating a future legacy. They aim to empower individuals with transparency,
choice and ways to give back at a time when they need it most.


Heartlink’s Founder, Michelle Javian is looking for someone who is ready to come in at the ground level of a tech company for social impact that will change the way we innovate at the end of life. The ideal candidate is
idealistic, driven, works well under pressure, fast paced, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and
ready for a big adventure.


Why is Heartlink building this company?
● Through their own experiences I discovered there is a need for innovation, education and
support in the end of life space.
● People are often overwhelmed when confronting and navigating the many aspects
around end of life and bereavement.
● Many people are unaware that they already have a legacy and could be maximizing it
both now and for the future.
● There is an unmet need to help cover the cost of funerals, memorials and grief support
for families in need.

What are Heartlink looking for in a co-founder?
● Demonstrated experience in successfully bringing a tech startup to market.
● Interpersonal and business savvy, and a quick and strategic mind and goal oriented.
● Genuine desire to innovate the end of life planning experience.
● Can support the big picture of the visions while implementing the logistics of the day to
day business.
● You are a team player who prioritizes integrity and collaboration.


If you would like to learn more, please send your CV and why you’d make the ideal partner to