Elfin Market

Digital Marketer


About Elfin Market

We’re a young fintech start-up which aims to disrupt the credit card market in the UK. We use peer-to-peer lending – that is, we directly connect borrowers and lenders without costly banking intermediaries – to offer a cheap alternative to credit cards to our borrowers and solid returns to our lenders (we’re actually the first peer-to-peer lending platform in the world to offer flexible credit akin to a credit card). We recently received regulatory authorisation, and we are now preparing to launch our platform in Q1 2019.. We’re currently a team of two co-founders and we’re looking for a motivated and ambitious digital marketer to join us in our exciting journey.

Your role

You will be in charge of developing our marketing strategy over the coming months to help grow our online profile and our customer base. As our first hire ever, you will work in close collaboration with Elfin Market’s two co-founders and will be given lots of responsibilities and autonomy. You will be involved in all aspects of our marketing strategy, including social media, community management, content creation, inbound marketing, SEO, PR, etc.

The ideal candidate

We’re looking for someone with the following profile:

–  Extreme motivation: as our first hire, we’re looking for someone who will be as involved as Elfin Market’s co-founders themselves and who will get things done.
–  Capacity and desire to learn quickly: we don’t expect you to master all aspects of your role and responsibilities from the start, but you should be able and willing to learn very quickly as we aim to grow at a fast pace.
–  Excellent communication skills, both oral and written. You should be as much at ease with formal emails as with Twitter memes.
–  Open-mindedness: we love discussing ideas and exchanging constructive criticism, especially before taking any major decision for the firm. You’ll be a key part of those exchanges.You should also be familiar with some of the below, and be able and willing to learn quickly the ones you have no experience with:

You should also be familiar with some of the below, and be able and willing to learn quickly the ones you have no experience with:

–  Copywriting for email and social media
–  Facebook and Twitter ads
–  Google AdWords, keyword research and strategy
–  Google Analytics
–  SEO, at least on a conceptual basis
–  Growth hacking tools and techniques
–  A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation

Additionally, if you tick any of the following boxes, this will be a definite plus:

–  A marketing degree with some digital component
–  Experience working for a tech start-up
–  1 year+ in a digital marketing role

–  Creative skills, e.g. in web design
–  Analytical skills e.g. comfort with marketing analytics


–  Working in an early stage start-up will give you the opportunity to acquire lots of different skills and grow your role over time beyond its initial scope.
–  Really cool working environment at Level39, London’s largest fintech accelerator, which provides great views over Canary Wharf, free teas and coffees, freshly baked cookies every day and ping pong tables!
–  Flexible working arrangements
–  Your very own MacBook
– Competitive compensation package, which includes shares in the company

If you’re looking to work in a dynamic and collaborative environment, with a strong desire to learn and take on responsibilities quickly, send your CV to recruitment@elfinmarket.com