sync. money

Frontend Developer


At sync. money we are looking for a ‘super-hero’ Frontend Developer. An incredible new team player to join our family and help us to make a real difference. Someone to bring positive energy and a smile to the workplace. Whilst we may be building a company and a brand, we’re also building bonds that can last a lifetime.

Other skills required as an Frontend Developer include:

  • English speaking, with multiple languages beneficial.
  • Hardworking, willing to take responsibility but also a co-worker.
  • Proactive, willing to get involved with the wider team and helping where possible.
  • Being passionate about your job and taking the initiative on coming up with new ideas how we can improve our product, culture and company. You are part of the community but a user too!
  • Willing to learn but also to coach others where possible.
  • Understanding about the importance of our product, the customer experience to peoples everyday lives and the need to support them where appropriate.

We are looking for an Frontend Developer with background in FinTech:


Your main role as Frontend developer is to build a frictionless web experience of sync.’s app. You will be responsible for developing the front-end components of our financial platform for both consumers and businesses offerings.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Implementing the UI coming from the designers.
  • Implementing web applications for desktops and tablets.
  • Maintaining the company UI components shared between different projects.
  • Maintaining and implementing new features to the current React applications.
  • Work with databases, servers, microservices, and APIs, and the integration of all these processes with the native environment.
  • Work collaboratively by proposing solutions and alternative point of views to problems.
  • Pair Programming, Unit Testing and Code Reviews.
  • Participate in SCRUM ceremonies.


As a Front End Developer you will join an energetic team which is passionate  about transforming Banking and the Personal Finance landscape.

This position is open to Junior Front End Developers looking for the next step in their career and Mid-Level Frontend Developers looking for exposure to high-profile projects and the latest tech in a role that is passionate about the future of the FinTech industry.

  • A minimum of 4yrs of coding as a Frontend Developer.
  • A minimum of 2yrs experience as a React developer.
  • Good experience of writing JavaScript tests.
  • JavaScript/ES6 and Jest (or other testing frameworks).
  • Experience of working with Continuous Integration (CI) and Unit Testing.
  • APIs and core data knowledge.
  • Excellent debugging skills.
  • Experience working with Git.
  • Agile/Scrum experience.
  • Knowledge of socket based networking desirable.